Flowers And Symbolism: Show Someone How You Really Feel By Sending Flowers

Posted on: 9 January 2016


In Victorian times, a rose wasn't just a rose; it was a symbol of love or friendship, depending on the type given. In fact, every flower has a significance and meaning beyond their beauty. If you want to make a meaningful bouquet for someone, here are some flowers you may choose and what each one represents.


Roses can vary in their symbolism depending on the colour of the flower. Red roses are traditionally used to represent feelings of love while white roses represent purity and chastity. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship while pink roses symbolize joy or gratitude. Blue roses, which are rare and usually man made, symbolize a relationship or person that is exotic and unusual. Black roses (which are usually just very dark red roses) are a symbol of death. Give these to someone when your relationship has ended.


Traditional white daisies symbolize friendship and happiness. Gerbera daisies, which are often brightly coloured and much larger than traditional daisies, are a sign of cheerfulness. Send these to someone who is recovering from an illness or to someone who needs some cheer in their day.


Lilies are a symbol of innocence and virtue. They are often included in funeral arrangements because they represent the soul's innocence upon leaving the mortal world. Lilies are also a symbol of devotion and are often given at the 30th wedding anniversary. Lilies of the Valley are given as the 2nd wedding anniversary flower. They also represent purity of the heart, while Easter lilies are often used as a symbol of the Virgin Mary.


Chrysanthemums come in a wide variety of colours, each bearing its own meaning. Red chrysanthemums are a symbol of love, white ones are a symbol of loyalty, and a yellow chrysanthemum is a symbol for a jilted love. 


Carnations have several meanings, too. Red ones indicate love or respect, but yellow ones are a sign of disdain or rejection. White carnations are a sign of purity and innocence, making them perfect for a bouquet for a christening or birth. Pink carnations represent the love of a woman such a mother or sister. A striped carnation indicates a refusal. Give these as a polite way of declining a date or other offer.


The iris is a symbol of beauty and elegance. Each colour has a slightly different meaning. A purple iris indicates wisdom and a blue one is a sign of hope. Yellow irises represent passion and white ones are a sign of purity.

Put some thought and special meaning into the next bouquet of flowers you send and let the person who receives them know exactly how you feel about them. To send a flower or bouquet, contact Ciano Florist or another florist near you.